And So It Begins

On Sunday we discovered that red and green holiday lights are already jostling next to the Halloween decor at Target, and Trixie took the inspiration to make her first of many, many Christmas wish lists.

New items are guaranteed to be added, but here it is so far:

  1. Minnie Mouse play set, other play sets sold separately
  2. Pink vacuum cleaner
  3. Float fairy
  4. A rainbow shooter like Ruthie’s jelly bean that’s white
  5. A pink apron
  6. A purple tutu
  7. A pink tutu
  8. A light blue tutu
  9. An American Girl doll
  10. Doll angel
  11. A pink iPad

I can’t believe she wants an apron and a vacuum cleaner. Hell, I can’t believe she knows what a vacuum cleaner is.

I know we have one somewhere, but I’ve never used it. I don’t even know where it is. For what it’s worth, it might even be pink.

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