Ahead of the Game

Amazingly, I got my act together over the weekend and assembled Halloween costumes for both kids – and ten days early, to boot!

Ok, full confession: I shamelessly conned my creative, artsy and all-around-awesome sister into taking the lead, and she came through again, just like every year.

When we were growing up, there wasn’t much emphasis on crafting elaborate Halloween ensembles. It would inevitably be 5 PM on October 31st and when there was no costume contender in sight, our mom would just sigh and tell us to “Be a hobo!” by picking out old clothes from a barrel of rags in our basement.

Let me tell you, an improvised hobo does not receive the best candy treats from the bowl. At the end of the night, you just end up with a pile of those weird orange and black peanut butter taffy things.

So, I am determined that my kids will have something slightly better, but it’s not easy. The only thing I can decently sew is human skin, and that is in a proper OR setting, not in a creepy “Silence of the Lambs” way. My sister, however, is a pro and pays attention to even the tiniest details.

I won’t give away this year’s outfits quite yet, but here’s a pic from last year.


Halloween 2012

3 thoughts on “Ahead of the Game

  1. It’s gonna be hard to top last year. Those were brilliant.

    I still want to borrow your kids.

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