Just Too Fancy

Ok, while I’m a self-proclaimed lover of all things fancy, the truth is that some things are just too fancy for everyday use.

Like giant, overpriced bars of soap.

Have you ever seen these?


Fresh Soap. Divine!

This bar of soap costs $15.

It’s about 3x the size of a regular bar of soap, though, and it smells divine.

But $15? For everyday use? Not on my watch.

Every once in a while, I get a bar like this as a gift, and I tend to hoard it with the misguided thought that it’s too nice for ridding the everyday stink from our family.

On Sunday, we ran out of our usual soap type (the decidedly non-luxury brand known as Zest) and I had to break into my fancy soap stash. I selected a gift-wrapped bar that must have weighed 10 oz; it was the size of a brick, lathered beautifully and yes, smelled like heaven.

The kids each took a shower last night and I only intermittently paid attention to them, mostly to make sure there was not tap dancing in the shower (Trixie) or parkour stunts (MGM).

This morning, I got in myself and saw that my luxury soap bar was whittled down to a soap crumb. All that was left was a sad nubbin of the glorious loaf of soap christened only last night. Oh, pricey soap, we barely knew ye!

Those two kids had managed – in the course of one shower each – to use up approximately $14.99 worth of soap. If you’re keeping track that amortizes to nearly $7.50 a shower!

They’d better be really, really clean.

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