Trick or Treat!

As an adult, I think you’re either waaay into Halloween or find the whole holiday just annoying.

I’m more of a Camp B girl.

The last time I dressed up for Halloween was freshman year of college, despite the fact that I went to a Big 10 school known for its legendary Halloween bashes. 


Halloween on State Street
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

I’m just not into dressing like a sexy kitty or something more ridiculous, even for one night of the year. But I do admire people who get into it and go all out. Big props to my friends who have been posting pics of themselves in elaborate and original costumes, clearly out having fun while I grumble about pumpkin smashing at home.

Check out this dude, voted “Most Clever for Halloween 2013:”


From Tumblr

He’s the end credits from “Cheers.” Subtle. Brilliant. (Thanks for Spouse for sharing this with me).


Very effective, no?

And now for the big reveal.

I mentioned last week that my sister helped me get the kids’ costumes together. By request, we crafted one “purple sparkly witch” and one bat. Here they are:

halloween 2013B Halloween 2013C Halloween 2013A

These pics are from my sister’s house, pre-Halloween madness. MGM and Trixie wore these get-ups to school today, so I’m sure there’s a 99% chance they’ll be ruined before Trick or Treat time officially begins.

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