Pink Kicks

Another weird little thing I’m into lately: Pink shoes.

It started with this pair:

pink kicks1

Converse Kriss Kross
(Sadly, I’m not sure if these are still available)

Just a touch of pink.

But that wasn’t enough. Then I discovered these:

pink kicks2

Converse Jack Purcells

And now, these were on sale at

pink cole haan shoes

Pink Cole Haan Shoes

You don’t know about 6PM? Neither did I until recently. It’s an offshoot of Zappos and they have a-ma-zing deals on more than just pink shoes. I’m planning to change into these for the sake of comfort when I have a long overnight flight to Europe next month.

Magic Man

Lately I’ve been fascinated with magic shows.

I’m talking card tricks and cut-the-assistant-in-half illusions.

This all started when the kids and I saw a magic show while we were on vacation last spring. The performers were a husband and wife team named Kyle Knight and Mistie.

While their unctuous names may make you want to see a troupe of senior citizen mimes performing “Cats” instead, their show was pretty cool.

I briefly caught this act on TV a long time ago and thought it was fascinating the way they instantly changed clothes.

Turns out, “Quickchange” is one of the oldest tricks in the book. 

But here is the guy I really want to see:


Magician Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen, aka “The Millionaires’ Magician,” performs every weekend to small audiences at suite in the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. Cocktail attire is required. This is so up my alley!

Ahead of the Game

Amazingly, I got my act together over the weekend and assembled Halloween costumes for both kids – and ten days early, to boot!

Ok, full confession: I shamelessly conned my creative, artsy and all-around-awesome sister into taking the lead, and she came through again, just like every year.

When we were growing up, there wasn’t much emphasis on crafting elaborate Halloween ensembles. It would inevitably be 5 PM on October 31st and when there was no costume contender in sight, our mom would just sigh and tell us to “Be a hobo!” by picking out old clothes from a barrel of rags in our basement.

Let me tell you, an improvised hobo does not receive the best candy treats from the bowl. At the end of the night, you just end up with a pile of those weird orange and black peanut butter taffy things.

So, I am determined that my kids will have something slightly better, but it’s not easy. The only thing I can decently sew is human skin, and that is in a proper OR setting, not in a creepy “Silence of the Lambs” way. My sister, however, is a pro and pays attention to even the tiniest details.

I won’t give away this year’s outfits quite yet, but here’s a pic from last year.


Halloween 2012

Flight vs. Invisibility

Yesterday “This American Life” – one of the best NPR shows of all time – aired an updated version of one of their best shows of all time: “Superpowers.”

The brilliant John Hodgman discusses his cocktail party question of whether individuals would pick flight or invisibility if granted one superpower. The detailed analysis of what your pick says about you is hilarious and true.

There’s also a terrific story of a woman named Zora who sets out to make herself into a superhero and just about succeeds.

You can access it here. Totally worth your time.

Dyeing For The Truth

One of my friends recently asked if she should go back to her natural hair color.

My response: Hell, no!

While I’m not totally sure what the real color of my hair is, the best approximation I can guess would be the hue that would emerge if you soaked field mice in old dishwater and then rolled them in the ashy remnants of a particularly robust campfire.

So, yes, I will die blonde. Dyed blonde.

Choir of Angels!

Muppet angels, that is.


Hallelujah! I think we solved the Nanny Situation!

We found someone who is legitimately in college, passed a drug test, seems incredibly kind and has great references. Icing on the cake is that I actually knew two of the references and they vouched for her, too.

Fingers crossed, she should start next week.

Let’s just hope our family doesn’t scare her off after the first day.

Have a great weekend!

Why Can’t I Have Anything Nice?

Answer: Because I will wreck it. Almost instantly.

This morning I saw this sad, room-temperature butter packet in a break area at work:

photo (3)

Where did it come from?
How long has it been here?
Questions for the Universe, indeed.

It reminded me of the time when I was a kid and my extended family went out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in our town (fondly known as a Supper Club, since this was Wisconsin in the 70s after all) to celebrate some milestone birthday for my Grandfather. I was probably four at the time, and a prolonged dinner with a group of adults was a real snoozer.

The only interesting part of the meal was a silver dish containing icy foil-wrapped butter packets that were meant for whatever was in the bread basket. I’m not sure if I ate any of the bread, but I hit those butter packets hard. I even found them so shiny and adorable (Like tiny presents!) that I snuck a few into my pocket, where they were discovered several days later by my mother in all their melted, oily glory. With one fell swoop, my best outfit – a kid version of a seersucker suit – was ruined.

This issue plagues me to this day.

First designer handbag that Spouse sprinted across Manhattan to buy as an extra-special Christmas present? Yes, I scratched the leather within days.

New sofa? Spilled marinara sauce all over it within the first two weeks. (And that was last year!)

New car? Giant coffee tumbler tipped over within minutes, but that paled in comparison to two kids grinding sucker bits into the floormats and kicking the seat backs with their filthy shoes over the following months.

And I am basically never allowed to buy pants in any color lighter than charcoal gray, lest I immediately sit in something mysterious and embarrassing.

On the plus side, I could have a PhD in Getting Red Wine Stains Out of Anything.

Too Much Is Just About Right

Recently I mentioned my love of costume jewelry, which is real and deep.

While I love the idea of having only a few, perfect pieces of clothing or jewelry that epitomize my style and become signature pieces, the reality is that I am drawn to anything sparkly like a moth to a flame.

I’ve been into this trend for a long time:

today's wrist

Today’s Wrist

The top bracelet at left is a Tory Burch patent leather wrap bracelet that was a charity piece supporting breast cancer awareness last year. This year they have a couple of cool scarves (another fashion addiction) instead, including this one:


Tory Burch Scarf Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

They still sell a similar bracelet, though, that also provides charitable support through the Tory Burch Foundation.



The middle bracelet was an old purchase from Stella and Dot.

As always, I saved the best for last. The bottom five bangles are from Alex and Ani, a totally rad company that my awesome friend Wendy recently turned me on to.

I don’t have these yet, but I really need them.


Moth to a flame, for sure.