Horrible People

Because we’re horrible people, we had a blast last night playing Cards Against Humanity with our friends.

Here’s a quote from the game’s website that summarizes it really well:

Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card.

If you’ve ever played “Apples to Apples,” it’s basically the grown-up version of it. Some of the stems and answers are definitely NC-17, which is what makes it laugh-until-you-cry hilarious.

Example: What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?

Random possible answers:

  • A mime having a stroke
  • Fiery poops
  • Waking up half-naked in a Denny’s parking lot
  • Extremely tight pants
  • A bag of magic beans
  • A micropig wearing a tiny raincoat and booties

Buying a full game set is $25, but you can also download it for free here.

One Deal

I don’t get into the whole standing-in-line-at-midnight-for-a-deal-on-a-flatscreen-TV part of Black Friday, but I have been known to take advantage of a cyber deal or two.

Huge score for me today on these 2 Bandits earrings, which I saw my hair designer wearing and instantly fell in love:

2Bandits Darlene Earrings

2 Bandits Darlene Earrings

Warning: They’re shoulder grazers, so they’re probably more for going out than for work, but they look awesome. These are shown in black, but I got them in gold with turquoise stones.

And everything at 2 Bandits is 40% off this weekend! You’d be crazy not to buy them right now.

One More Thing, #8

Ever Patient Spouse is busy getting the turkey prepped for our feast, but dinner time at Fancy Pants Ranch is still T.B.D.

This is the third time in 15 years that we’ve had guests over for Thanksgiving, so we’re not really overdoing it, hosting-wise.

The first was about 10 years ago, when I was a resident. I was post-call, totally exhausted, and all I really recall is that I tried making mashed potatoes with an electric mixer and ending up spraying them all over the kitchen walls.

Last year was the second time. Spouse was supposed to cook the turkey but ended up having a nasty virus and took a nap mid-morning. By about 1:00 PM, I realized the turkey wasn’t going to cook itself. Spouse had it almost ready and I put it in the oven.

At 3-ish, he woke up and panicked, assuming that I’d left a bag of giblets inside the bird that was now happily roasting away.

Come on!  Give me some credit. Even though I’m mostly a vegetarian and don’t know my way around the kitchen, I’m still a gynecologist and trust me, I never, ever leave something behind inside a body cavity.

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Oddly enough, today I am thankful to the person who stole my boots yesterday from the female surgeons’ locker room when I was in the OR.

Yes, initially I was enraged that my cute and stylish boots went AWOL from the restricted access locker room, forcing me to wear my scuzzy OR clogs with my suit for the rest of the day.

But then I realized that finally I have the perfect excuse to buy the boots I’ve had my eye on for a while but couldn’t justify purchasing … until now.

Rag & Bone Newbury Booties

Rag & Bone Newbury Booties

P.S. They’re on sale here now.

Clean Eating

So, one of the reasons that I hate all domestic chores is that I am a horrible cook.

And the funny thing is that as time goes on, I actually get worse instead of better.

When Ever Patient Spouse and I were first married 15 years ago, I went through a phase of ambitious home cookery. I would plan elaborate dinners that involved translating recipes from other languages, dishes with a minimum of 40 ingredients, and shopping lists that required separate trips to at least three different ethnic grocers.

To be fair, some of the meals turned out well.

To be honest, most did not.

The most notorious incident occurred when we invited Spouse’s aunt and uncle over for a dinner featuring salmon as the entree. I purchased a huge piece of salmon from the Pre-Whole Foods Gourmet Store in the town we were living in at the time and got down to the preparation.

Step one said to clean the fish. As a dutiful medical student who was well aware of water-borne illnesses (Cholera, anyone? Yeah, I thought not), I did what anyone would do. I washed the fish. With antibacterial soap.

They’re still talking about the bubbling salmon to this day. Not a dinner winner.

So, tomorrow we’re set to cook a turkey, and a quick Google on the topic told me that once again, the first step is to clean the turkey.

My only question is this: Should I use Dawn or Palmolive?

I Just Might

As I often mention, I hate all domestic chores and spend considerable effort avoiding them.

In fact, the amount of energy I devote to dodging household tasks easily surpasses what it would take to just git ‘er done.

But that’s my problem.

This week is going to be tricky, because our dear friends are coming to spend Thanksgiving with us. If it was just us, I’d either: 1) Finagle an invite somewhere else and show up with wine in hand, 2) Make a new tradition where we spare the bird and eat take-out pizza instead.

But these friends are very special and I want to do up the holiday with a Martha Stewart (lite) spin.

Pinterest usually just makes me feel bad about myself and my inadequacy, but I found these pumpkin cream cheese truffles and am thinking about giving them a go.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffles from Pinterest

Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffles from Pinterest

Seriously, how good do these look?  

P.S. Without hyperbole, I can state that our local grocery store is currently the most hateful place in the universe. Last minute shoppers are vicious!












A few random updates about some recent posts:


My Stash of Pilfered Hotel Toiletries

  • I gave away almost all of my stash! The Unitarian Church we (sometimes) attend was assembling bags to donate to families at the local women’s shelter and put out a specific request for unused hotel toiletries. Last fall when they asked for volunteers to rake and weed the lawn before winter, I was conveniently inspecting my shoes, but this, I’ve got this covered in spades! Naturally this means I will need to start traveling a LOT more to replenish the trove…

Gap Moto Jacket

  • This wool jacket from the Gap that I was dying over? Yeah. Had to return due to extreme boxiness. Not flattering.
Big Buddha Infinity Scarf. Bright colors really pop against the gray. My new winter scarf!

Big Buddha Infinity Scarf. Bright colors really pop against the gray. My new winter scarf!


  • Final verdict on the dolls I brought back for Trixie from Spain: Truly horrific.
  • And remember how I said the best freebie make-up deals come straight from Bobbi Brown herself? Yep. Right now, any order qualifies for free shipping, a free full-sized lip gloss and your choice of two awesome travel samples with the code. Get on this!

Life as Art

I really don’t get into watching medical TV shows or really any other fictional media about doctoring.

Number one, I get enough medical comedy and drama in real life. And number two, most of the time writers get the details wrong, forcing me to go ballistic from the comfort of my sofa.

A prime example: A heavily pregnant first-time mom goes into labor on a plane! Someone steps up and within less than five minutes of contractions and a single push, said baby emerges and is miraculously clean, pink, non-pinchy looking and actually appears to be about 3 months old.

It doesn’t work this way, people. Trust me.

The fact that I’ve never seen “Grey’s Anatomy” is a source of personal pride. [Sidenote: I can’t even believe this show is still on. I thought it bit the dust years ago, but it turns out I was wrong].

Two major exceptions:


“Scrubs” came out when I was an intern, and man, could I relate to the awkwardness, horror and indignity of being at the bottom of the totem pole. The main characters weren’t OBGYNs, but there was an episode where Sarah Chalke was tempted to jump ship to the GYN ranks.

Mindy Project

“The Mindy Project” is my current crush. Honestly, the fact that she’s also an OBGYN is almost superfluous. It’s really her perpetual ability to embarrass herself and her love of fashion that I relate to.

Here was a recent confession scene where Mindy is talking to one of her partners:

“I admit it. I farted.

I did it because I was scared.

I was scared and it was wrong and we should talk about it.

And I spilled red wine on your sofa cushion and then I turned it over.

Then I wrapped it in blankets. I thought you’d just blame it on your maid.

Oh, no. I farted again.”

Who got into my brain for this material? I would so have this in my office, too.