Well, I grossly misjudged the amount of candy needed last night.

We live in a neighborhood that’s great for Trick or Treating. Houses are close together, almost everyone has kids, and getting 3-4 mini candy bars per house is routine.

So if you’re a kid, you can really clean up.

This year, we bought a ton of candy. I got busted sampling a few pieces a week ago.

candy bust

Trixie was disgusted with my candy robbery.

Hey! Don’t judge me. I needed to make sure it wasn’t poisonous.

But for some reason, the doorknocking was relatively quiet last night, and now we have approximately 900 mini treats left.

While this is the last thing I need, of course, inside I’m thinking score! This should provide adequate sustenance for the next week or two.

Will schedule dental appointment now.

P.S. Below are photos of MGM and Trixie’s haul, plus Trixie eating a gourmet caramel apple that I thought would be a huge treat but was declared “Too yucky!” after one bite. Sigh.

Halloween 2013D Halloween 2013E

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