Of Course That Happened

It’s no secret that I love to drink coffee.

Usually I start drinking it when I wake up and keep going until I reach what I refer to as “My Sweaty Point,” wherein I feel TOTALLY ENERGIZED and ready to CONQUER THE WORLD.

And hopefully to not break a blood vessel in my head from the caffeine-induced throbbing.

I almost always drink plain coffee with a bit of skim milk, maybe half-and-half if that’s all that’s available and I’m feeling decadent.

In summer it may switch up to plain iced coffee, but I steer clear from the frou frou drinks because they are nutritionally bankrupt.

Exception: The Gingerbread Latte.

I make an allowance for a few of these every holiday season. Why? Because they are delicious. Don’t try to convince me otherwise.

You can health-it-up, somewhat, by requesting skim milk and no whip (down to 150 cals for a Tall, but who drinks a Tall?). Starbucks also used to have sugar-free gingerbread syrup, but it seems that’s been discontinued.

[Sidenote: While researching the sugar-free syrup, I saw this for sale at Starbucks during the holidays:


Alice + Olivia Bearista Gift Set

I think it’s a foregone conclusion that I will buy this adorable stuffed toy in an outfit created by one of my favorite designers, purchasing under the guise of giving the Bearista to Trixie, but in the end it’ll probably stay with me. I am so weak.]

Yesterday I ordered my first Gingerbread Latte of the season. Kids and I were at Target and their behavior was reasonable enough to merit a hot chocolate, and I decided to go for it.

So, naturally, the first thing that happened was that I spilled about a third of the drink on the sleeve of my white coat before I even made it to the car.

Then when we got home, a $@%*#()% fly got into the house when we were hauling in the Target stash, and as luck would have it, that dirty, disgusting insect flew down the tiny opening in the lid into my latte!

Instant trashing of drink. Sigh. Of course!

The Universe is clearly saying No Gingerbread Latte For Me.

One thought on “Of Course That Happened

  1. two things: 1.) I would have drunk the coffee insect because: protein. Plus, it isn’t worse than 99% of the stuff we accidentally ingest daily (which is why I do not believe in the five second rule, because: stomach acid). 2.) I will NEVER be the girl who can go out to lunch, coffee, dinner, across the street without spilling something on myself or someone else. so, don’t feel bad.

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