Work In Progress

Today, I had the opportunity to interview potential new colleagues at the World Famous Medical Center (WFMC) where I’m employed.

This is actually a lot of fun. 

I’m not giving anything away here when I say that the WFMC uses behavioral interviewing techniques that try to create a character portrait of the applicants and determine who’s the best fit. 

After asking the same questions over and over, you can’t help but reflect on how you would answer each particular inquiry. And as a shameless extrovert, I also can’t help thinking how I would love the center stage to answer these questions, including the possibility that some responses would involve exposition, props, and theme music.

One part of one question asks applicants about their strongest opportunities for growth. Translation: This is a nice way to ask about your personal weaknesses.

Would I need extra time on this one!

One of my firm beliefs is that we’re all a work in progress, especially me.

All I can say in summary is that several months ago, a dear friend and colleague who gets me completely (We have the same  Myers-Briggs personality type, ENTJ, among the rarest of types, accounting for ~2–5% of males and ~1-3% of females. But ENTJs make great cult leaders!), took me aside and basically told me this: “Sometimes you need to not be so much like yourself.”

Wow. That hit the nail on the head. 

I couldn’t have said it better.

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