‘Tis the Season for Schmaltz

Another embarrassing confession: I absolutely love Christmas movies.

And the cornier, the better.

Santa’s daughter moves to jaded New York City and falls in love with the handsome, hard-nosed (Or is he?) lawyer who’s trying to cancel the Big Holiday Party For the Orphans but then Everything Turns Out OK in the End?

Yes, that movie.

If you love this particular brand of treacle, then Stop Number One should be ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, a constant barrage of fare like this. I genuinely look forward to this programming every year and even posted the 2013 schedule on the fridge, complete with a complicated highlighting system.

Even worse: Both the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime (which takes a break from its usual alternating Optimistic Girl Looking For Love in the Big City/Naive Woman Gets Into a Dangerous Relationship with a Psychopath and Must Discover Her Inner Strength programming) get heavily into the act.

The Worst Ever: About 6 months ago, I discovered that a lot of these terrible Made-for-TV movies are available for streaming on Netflix.

Yes, that was a lost weekend in July.

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