A Fun Waste of 5 Minutes

This Mad Libs-Style holiday greeting DIY is from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. 

Fill in the blanks and you’ve got a ready-made greeting for a friend or loved one.

Warning: Some results are funnier than others.

Here’s what I got:

Dear Ever Patient Spouse,

What Glittering holiday times we’ve had together! I remember last year when we were Tweeting Jingle Bells by the fire on Christmas Eve, then we ate so many M&Ms that you split your Pajama Jeans! That was Mangos! Whenever I watch “A Muppet Christmas Carol,” I think of you and the time we filled our matchboxes with eggnog and margaritas, then snuck into the White House. I hope you find that signed poster of Lady Gaga you’ve been lusting after under your Christmas bamboo tree this year.

Love always,

Try it here.

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