Wrapped Up

Have you heard of furoshiki? 

They’re traditional Japanese wrapping cloths, and they make a gorgeous and green way to wrap up just about anything.

Check out these images from around the web:

images-7 images-8 images-9

Fairyshiki Knot Wrap from LUSH

Fairyshiki Knot Wrap from LUSH

How adorable is that strawberry? And when can I get my own Fairyshiki?

Step by step instructions here:

Want to try it for yourself?

Eco Wrapping sells the cloths and gives online wrapping tutorials.

I’ve been posting about this place a lot lately, but LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics also sells some witty furoshiki, including this favorite, which has a stylish Jonathan Adler vibe:

LUSH Gift Wrap

LUSH Knot Wrap

2 thoughts on “Wrapped Up

  1. Will you be posting your secret tips on how to get the best deal on the barbie dream house? It is all the kiddo can talk about since being at your house last week! Damn those marketing geniuses . . . . When I suggested Barbie could move into the dollhouse the kiddo already has and does not play with, I was told “but that doesn’t have doors or an elevator.” Duh! Then I reminded the kiddo that we need to ask Santa for little things that will fit in our suitcase as we will be in Florida for Christmas morning. Her answer: “Santa can stop at our house and leave the big stuff and then come to Florida with the ‘regular stuff'” Of course!

    • Genius ideas! Obviously Santa would be the worst person in the Universe if these things did not come to fruition. One thing you could do is order something a wee bit less extreme (but still bulky) and have it delivered there. Or get your local elves to do some shopping duty! They’d probably jump at the chance.

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