Against Better Judgment

I solemnly vowed that I wouldn’t do this, but today, I found myself weak and vulnerable, and that is how I ended up at the American Girl store at the Mall of America.

It was exactly what you’d expect: Frantic energy, shrieking with excitement, pushing AND shoving, and wallets emptying faster than you can say “Historically questionable toy/Merchandising opportunity.”

But enough about me.

And wow! This place has it figured out. I was more than happy to shell out greenbacks for a My American Girl doll (this one).

But then….

I couldn’t stop. 

Matching pajamas for Trixie and the doll? Yes! An adorable puppy set? Mais oui! A t-shirt featuring that same puppy? Yup. A doll brush that cost $8? A necessity and a bargain.

What kept me going is how thrilled I know Trixie will be when Santa brings all of this on Christmas morning, although it may be a toss up on which one of us is the most excited.

P.S. I’m already secretly planning a return trip for her 5th birthday in a few months, where we can get her doll’s hair done and ears pierced, buy even more accessories and maybe – just maybe – if I’m really good, we can get a friend for me.

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