I Heart Sushi

One of my friends recently gave me a hard-earned piece of advice: “Don’t eat sushi in Iowa.”

Suffice it to say, he did exactly that and lived to regret it. Note taken.

I love sushi. Deeply.

I cut my teeth eating sushi at what is arguably one of the best sushi restaurants in the US, Sushi Den in Denver, Colorado.

Yes, Denver.

Don’t judge if you haven’t been there. You wouldn’t know what you’re talking about.

And as a sushi lover, I struggle with the dilemma to avoid it entirely when it comes from places where it could reaallllly go the wrong way and settle for the rare occasions where I can eat sushi in top-notch places in, say, Japan, or to bite the bullet and nosh into some Midwest Maguro.

If I haven’t mentioned it previously, I have a cast iron gut and could eat from a street cart in India with ZERO repercussions, so I usually favor Plan B.

P.S. This sake – Ty Ku Black label – is delicious. Try it!

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