Style Edit

Recently I had the chance to meet and pick the brain of a phenomenal stylist – Becky – from Fort Worth, TX.

Ok, it was instant envy, since her job is to shop for a living and style looks for fabulous and fashionable women all across Texas.

I mean, seriously, sign me up.

When Becky meets a new client, her first order of business is to conduct a ruthless closet edit. Anything stained, ripped, out of style or that doesn’t fit right now gets tossed, donated or sent to a tailor. (One client was left with a single pair of pants and two shirts, lest she had nothing to wear at all).

Whatever makes the cut gets re-organized as follows: Shirts folded or hung by sleeve length (short –> long) and color (light –> dark). Pants are hung full length, clipped at the waistband, so that it’s easy to see their length. Even suits get broken up, as jackets go with jackets and pants with pants. Old hangers get tossed out and replaced by thin velvet ones like these, which are really quite affordable.

Becky’s also a huge proponent of perfect fit – something I honestly haven’t paid enough attention to in the past. Her words: “You should never be able to grab a handful of fabric at the back of a jacket.” Huh. I’m definitely guilty of that one. Again, her words: “Clothes that fit right are what elevates an outfit to the next level.” She also relies on tailoring to make inexpensive, trendy pieces from places like H&M look a lot richer than they are.

Once the editing is done, a capsule wardrobe is built. I love this idea! Capsule items need to be able to be worn more than one way and tend to be investment brands. Since I wear suits every day, Becky recommended Theory for me, which I have to admit is a step above my usual Banana Republic or J. Crew. Less expensive, more trendy pieces like shirts or accessories provide color and pop. Becky also suggested upping my shoe game since that’s another way to show personality, style and provide WOW factor. Like with these:


Valentino Rock Stud Pumps

Ok, ok, stop twisting my arm! I’ll buy them.

Meeting her made me want to toss out everything old, tired and that doesn’t make me feel fabulous, and then start over with less, better things. I’m so guilty of over-shopping, ordering things sight unseen and then belatedly discovering that for one reason or another, they’re just not right. No more!

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