Comfy PJs

The dismal winter forecast here makes me just want to stay inside, comfortably lounging about in something cozy.

Lately, PJ Salvage has been my go-to brand for this type of attire. While they make tops and bottoms in several fabrics, including flannel and velour, my favorite is an uber-soft cotton jersey. While PJ Salvage is sold at many places (including Nordstrom), the best deals are at Zappos and sibling site

I love this outfit so much that I want to buy a spare and just stash it for the future:



The tank would also look great with these:

PJ Salvage Camo Bottoms at Zappos

These three pieces are also in regular rotation:

2295615-p-LARGE_SEARCH 2295562-p-LARGE_SEARCH PJ Salvage Skull Bottoms at Zappos

Finally, to cap it off, there’s these:


Bath and Body Works Limited Edition Holiday Slippers

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