Ok, I know it’s a wee bit early for New Year’s Resolutions, but I have so many to make for 2014 that I really need to start now.

Resolution #1: Drink more water.

Water. Not Coffee. Not Fresca. God forbid, not more wine.

Just the recommended amount of water (64+ oz) per day. Every day.

The only problem is that I really don’t adore plain old water, so I need to zing up my H2O, spa style, to keep it tasty.

This website offers recipes and a beautiful book all about fancy fruit and herb-flavored waters:

I want to make the Grapefruit Orange Lime Mint one. (OK, what I reallllly wish is that someone would conveniently make them for me every day, but that’s probably not happening).

This water bottle also made my Xmas list:


Think Sport 750-mL Insulated Water Bottle

 I love that it is insulated and holds a substantial 750-ml, which is about 25 oz. Cheers!

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