Sick Kid Scramble

Yesterday started way too early when Trixie woke up screaming with a sore throat and a high fever (103 F!) at 4 AM. 

A blurry shuffling through our cabinets revealed that all of the kids’ ibuprofen in the house had expired, so then it became a contest to find the least expired one for the moment. (Winner: August 2013).

Once said medicine was ingested and a cold washcloth administered to her forehead, I waited until it was sufficiently daytime to replenish our kid medicine cabinet supplies.

(And yes, I am a real doctor and this happened on my watch. I know. Sigh).

In addition to the usual fever reducers and cold supplies, I was bound and determined to get this:


Trixie was asking about these a few weeks ago. Apparently you can chill them in the freezer or warm them in the microwave, depending on the circumstance. And they are frequently advertised on kids’ TV.

Target let me down first.

Next stop: Costco. Apparently they used to sell these bears, but no longer. Of course that would be my luck.

I actually had to re-join Costco to even get in the door, since my membership lapsed after we moved here and they didn’t initially have a local store. That changed last year when they opened a new Costco not even five miles away from Fancy Pants Ranch, but I just hadn’t gotten around to going there yet.

Once inside, I remembered why I love and hate Costco. 

Love: Cases of San Pellegrino for $13, discount books – like this, and random stuff I suddenly discover I need – like an Honest Company set of shampoo and body wash for $14.99, which is a huge steal over the pricing on their own website.

Hate: The fact that they only take American Express (a card I don’t have, so I had to write out a Muppet check), the irresistible urges I have to get oversized bags of Stacy’s pita chips and barrels of M&Ms, and the quasi-security person at the Exit who takes his/her job waaaaay too seriously for my taste.

Final stop was Walgreens, a place I rarely visit but totally love.

Shopping at Walgreens is almost always a nostalgia-inducing time warp, because they carry things that are a total blast from the past, like these:


Jean Nate Bath Splash Holiday Gift Set


Corn Silk Face Powder


Whitman’s Sampler

Sadly, they didn’t have the thermal bear, but I was sorely tempted to buy a bag of these candies for Ye Old Tyme’s Sake:


When I finally got home, Trixie was looking a bit peaked. Spouse had her resting and sipping cold juice in a little pillow nest on the sofa, but the thermometer still read 103.3 F. A dose of chewable acetaminophen and 30 minutes later, however, she had totally bounced back, cooled down, and was requesting a corn dog.

I’ll take that as a good sign.

P.S. I ended up ordering the thermal animals from this website, but be careful. They have a buy one, get one free deal that is (Purposefully?) confusing, and in the end I either ordered 6 0r 8 of the thermal animals in a combination of large and small, teddy bear and rabbit. Call me if you want one!

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