Back(pack) to the Future

Maybe now I’m hypersensitive to it – like how when you’re pregnant and you suddenly seem to notice an absurd number of other pregnant ladies in society – but everywhere I look (Read: Online shop – although am browsing, not buying given my New Year’s Resolution to Stop Online Shopping), I see backpacks.

Needle off the record. Backpacks are back?

Ergonomic benefits aside, I’m not sure I’m ready to re-embrace this trend.

I haven’t religiously used a backpack since college, and I less-than-fondly recall having an uncomfortably sweaty back most of the time.

This pretty nylon Marc Jacobs bag is the first cute one that caught my eye:


Marc Jacobs Backpack ($248)

The simple lines of this Herschel Supply Co. backpack are also appealing (and a lot less spendy):


Herschel Supply Co. “Heritage” Backpack ($44 @ Zappos)

This one from Henri Bendel ($248) also comes in black (which I prefer):

Unknown-1 Unknown-3

Here are two leather versions, the first from Madewell ($248) and the second from Etsy ($159):

11262_BR6755 il_570xN.496691723_gz6q

[Sidenote: Why is $248 the magic number for so many of these bags? Is there a backpack pricing conspiracy?]

Even Tory Burch ($395) is in on it:


Tory Burch Kerrington Backpack

Would I bite? I don’t know. But I would consider one of these adorable Popatu bags ($32 each) for Trixie’s upcoming birthday:

Unknown Unknown-1 images-2

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