The Perfect Travel Bag

One of my many obsessions is travel organization and packing. 

To that end, I’ve exhausted at least a dozen different suitcases, overnighters and carry-ons throughout the years, always questing for The Perfect Bag.

This year I have a fair amount of work and leisure travel to look forward to (Yay!), but The Perfect Bag still seems out of my grasp.

I’ve also embraced the virtues of just carrying on, not checking, luggage whenever possible, but that seems to be harder than ever now. On a few recent flights I’ve taken, the overhead bins have already been totally full by the time I boarded. Major bummer.

This colorful bag has my heart right now:


Tumi Super Leger International Wheeled Satchel ($445)

It’s cheerful and would be so easy to spot on the luggage carousel during those unavoidable checked bags trips.

Jonathan Adler also has a cool new collaboration with Tumi to make hard-sided bags:

Unknown Unknown

These just scream Spring to me and I would love to travel in style with one.

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