Golden Girls Luxe

Last week I traveled to Palm Beach, FL, for a work trip and stayed here for six nights.

Besides torrential rains for the first three days and almost being run down by a woman driving a convertible Rolls Royce when I went out for a run, it was a pretty good trip.

The hotel was decorated in what I dubbed “Golden Girls Luxe” style. Think lots and lots of wicker sofas with overstuffed pillows and tchotchkes everywhere. Oh, the tchotchkes! 

At first the style made me recoil, but as the week went on I found myself wistfully longing for beachy decor like this:


And the hotel came through like a champ in the amenity department. The bathroom was generously stocked with organic red flower products in the awesome “Ocean” scent. A few came home with me.

red-flower-logo images Unknown

This is a DIY spin on beach decor:


Even I could probably handle this. Sigh. Summer, come quickly!

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