Time Travel

Isn’t it great when you hear a song you love and it immediately transforms you back to the time and place when it was relevant to you?

That’s what happened to me today when I heard this excellent tune:

Ok, for reference, I am still happily married to Ever Patient Spouse, but Liz Phair’s “Divorce Song” totally kicks ass.

Last year “Exile in Guyville” celebrated its 20th anniversary, and a whole bunch of other people expounded on the meaning of the album, its relevance as a feminist manifesto (or not), and its place in history.

All I know is that in 1993, I couldn’t get enough of it. The tug between Boys are Stupid and I Really, Really Wish I Had a Boyfriend was very real to me back then. Looking back now, the fact that this was one of my primary sources of angst is hilarious, sad and quaint.

And then there is also this righteous ditty:

So, yeah, basically I want to be friends with Liz Phair. I think we’d get along famously.


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