Keys If You Please

Do you have a lot of keys?

I used to be like this:

lots of keys

I had keys for my house, two cars, our mailbox, my immediate office, the building itself, two clinics, three different labs, a special research wing at the hospital, our old house in a different state where we obviously didn’t even live anymore, etc. You get the picture.

But now, I just have two keys: one for the house and one for my car. I have electronic access to everywhere I need to get at work (just don’t lose your badge!), and in the rare event I drive Spouse’s car, I grab the spare.

So currently, I have more keychains than keys, and so this has become another one of my many problems.

Notice the way people organize their keys sometime. It tells a lot about a person.

I like fun keychain that reflects some personality or meaningful event, which is probably why they’re another area of susceptibility for my shopping.

It takes great effort to restrict to just this, but here’s my current key situation:


The charms are (from top to bottom): the remainder of a Tiffany keychain I got as a gift for being in my friend Sarah’s wedding 10+ years ago, a Tinkerbell I got at Disneyland when I went there to run in the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half-Marathon on my 39th birthday (2012), an old Kate Spade ring that says “Big Hair” – a gift from when I moved to Texas in 2005, and the remains of a handcrafted keychain that had my name made into a silver Arabic charm. As you can see, the name part is gone and I was heartbroken when I discovered its loss. I just can’t bear to part with the whole thing, although in its current state, it’s not doing much good.

(And if you are wondering, I drive an orange Jeep Wrangler. I’ve been driving Jeeps for 15 years and probably always will. Perhaps I’ll post about my car philosophy sometime.)

Here’s a fun keychain from Coach and two from Frye:

knit hat skullfrye boot

A swanky ladybug from Tiffany:

lady bug

A whole menagerie from fun British company, Joules:

Q_TWEEDFOX_HARDY_A key4 key1 key5 key2

One my six year old son would love (Lego + Star Wars = Nirvana):

storm trooper

A very statement-y one (that you’d be terrified to lose) from Louis Vuitton:


Finally, a lewd but hilarious one that my ex-brother-in-law took from his pocket and gave to me when it made me laugh:


It’s a unicorn fornicating with a bear, in case you can’t tell. Stay classy, I know.

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