One of the nicest – and most unexpected – things anyone ever did for me was to give me an Hermes scarf, out of the blue, for practically no reason at all.


When I was a resident physician, one of our attendings (grown-up doctors who supervised us, what I am now) went to Paris and for no apparent indication, came back and gave me an Hermes scarf to start my chief (final) year of residency off on a good note.

I never forgot that kind, kind gesture, and it gives me goose bumps even now as I type this. Truth told, that scarf is still my lucky charm.

(I was so touched that I try to pay it forward now with similar gestures to the younger MDs that I now am responsible for educating).

I wore it when I passed my board exam to be an Official Doctor.

I wore it when I interviewed for my Fancy Lady Doctor job, the one I’ve now held for nearly 6 years and still love.

I wore it when I had to take a formal picture for my badge at the World Famous Medical Center where I work.

And I pull it out whenever I need some more mojo.

But it’s not an orphan. I wear scarves at least three times a week. They’re definitely one of my style trademarks.

Even men should consider scarves. I’m serious! They are so dapper.

Intimidated by styling them? Check this out.

And this:

You will look fabulous. Guaranteed.

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