Happy Surprise

Earlier this week, I discovered that one of my friends – with whom I am incredibly connected via social media but am not fortunate enough to see often in RL (Real Life) – and I would be staying at the same hotel in Florida.

Except that we would miss each other’s trip by a single day.


I checked into the hotel tonight. She checked out yesterday.

Yet … when I arrived, the desk attendant said that there was a package waiting for me. Huh?

My kind friend had left a gift and note, waiting for my arrival!

Seriously, how awesome is that?

I think I am going to adopt this idea for when I know a friend or loved one has a special trip coming up. It’s not hard to get something sent to a hotel ahead of time; it just takes some forethought and organization.

And the payoff is so worth it! I can’t tell you how excited I was by this happy surprise.

A million thanks to you, L!


Ice Milk Aprons

When  first discovered IceMilk Aprons a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with their pretty, vintage-y designs.***

032_opt 030_opt 032

Since then the line has expanded to include table linens, totes and other goods.


Only $18!

The monogrammed aprons make a particularly great wedding shower gift.

021 024 026

For Mother’s Day you could also consider one of their adorable mother and daughter matching apron sets.

*** And yes, I recognize the irony of being attracted to olde tyme aprons when I do zero domestic chores in real life.

Heart Shaped Rocks

I really love natural elements, like shells, beach glass and rocks. Bird nests are my all-time favorite.

Last week when my brother-in-law sent pictures of the Black Sea, I was tempted to ask him to bring some of the smooth stones back for me, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to weigh down his bag with 500 rocks and bring it through customs.

Here’s a round up from the web of heart-shaped rocks, which would be great treasures to find.

images images images-6 images-7 images images images-3 images-2 images-1 images-1 images-4

If you’re really into found heart-shaped things, you may want to consider this new photography book by Drew Barrymore, which features hearts everywhere:


Goals and Objectives

As I scrambled around this past week trying to keep my head just ever-so-slightly above water, I got an email from my daughter’s Junior Kindergarten teachers with an update of what the class is currently learning.

Here it is:

This month we will continue to focus on graphing and learning shape words.  We will continue learning about Living and Non-Living Things.

During the week we will focus on the letter Qq. We will explore words beginning with “Q” as well as the “Q” sound. We will also be covering the number 16,color Hot Pink, and the parallelogram. Our sight word of the week is: It.

I immediately wished that this was my own To Do List, but then I realized that for Trixie, this is probably just as challenging as performing an extensive robotic myomectomy, which is a complex type of surgery that I do often.

It’s all relative and a good reminder of perspective.


My brother-in-law, K, has a really fascinating career that allows him to travel around the globe in high-profile settings. He has an enviable amount of frequent flyer miles, to say the least.

Right now he’s in Sochi, Russia. You may have heard about a series of sporting events going on there now.

He’s been sending a few pictures, including these of his daily walk to watch the sun rise over Black Sea. The cairn is his handiwork.

SunriseBlackSea BlackSeaClear BlackSeaArt

Pretty, nyet?