Crewcuts Spring

Trixie needed some new wardrobe items for spring, and a recent sale at Crewcuts had me checking them out.

If you have a daughter, you know that it can be hard to find the right things for her to wear.

Walking the tightrope between Disney Princess and Lady Gaga isn’t always an easy task.

Crewcuts has a lot of cute stuff! It’s not over-the-top frilly, but it’s also fun enough for a five year old with a wicked, individualistic fashion sense (which skews quite Elton John in the ’70s if she’s allowed to dress herself).

I didn’t get all of this, but here’s a sample:

A2840_SW9065 A5727_SP7017 A3997_SW7745 A3808_NA6974 A3733_SP0084 A4655_SP0122 A4025_SW7803 A3732_SP0084 09225_SP7017 A3993_SW8777 A1149_KU0324A4217_SP3278

The Ganesh rash guard is my favorite!

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