Wake Up And Smell The Bacon

Good Morning!

Did you remember to set your clocks ahead? I’m always paranoid I’ll forget, so I set most of them on Saturday night.

If you’ve ever worked overnights, last night was officially the best night of the year to do it!

When I still had to do obstetrics duty, I loved being on call when the clocks magically jumped ahead. It meant one less hour of delivering babies, but one hour closer to going home and crashing into a deep slumber.

If you need an alarm to help get you out of bed, consider the new bacon alarm from Oscar Mayer.

You can download an app that wakes you up not only to the sound of sizzling bacon, but also to the aroma of bacon emanating from a small gadget you attach to your phone.

Here’s the catch: You have to apply to be a lucky recipient of the device.

And how about this for a blast from the past:

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