Squalid Overboogie

This month’s Vanity Fair has an interesting piece by Lili Anolik about Eve Babitz, a 1960s cross between artist and super groupie.

A quote from the article, describing Eve’s self-proclaimed “groupie adventuress” era:

By the end of the decade, Eve knew everyone. She was at every party, every event. “Life was one long rock ’n’ roll,” she’d say of those days. Even fun, though, can get to be a drag if you have too much of it. Writer Dan Wakefield, Eve’s big romance during this period, said, “Our year together was one of my favorite years, but I couldn’t have lived through two of them. My God, the decadence!” By 1971, Eve was suffering from a condition she termed “squalid overboogie.” It was time for a change.

Squalid overboogie. I love it.



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