Homemade Dollhouse

Trixie and I spent yesterday afternoon crafting a dollhouse out of an old cardboard box.


Ahhh, the old cardboard box. Still a classic plaything.

I loved doing this when I was a kid!

She needed quite a bit of help with fabricating the doors and windows, but then together we cut out pictures of interior shots from a home decorating catalog to fancy up the inside.

The outside of the box also got quite a bit of attention by drawing in trees, grass and plants.

We also crafted a few pieces of cardboard furniture, like this oven:


This new resident found the house to be quite satisfactory:


They’re not homemade, but check out this cool line of modern dollhouses that double as furniture from British company Qubis.

Unknown images images-1

P.S. Here is a story about a great DIY dollhouse makeover. This project is out of my league, but I admired the effort.



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