Venn Diagrams

MGM (6) had to make a Venn diagram about the work that firefighters and police officers do.

I’m not quite sure what to think of the results.


What firefighters do:

  • They put out fires
  • Go in fires
  • Go crazy with hoses

What police officers do:

  • Catch robbers
  • Arrest people

Apparently, there is also no intersecting of duties. No helping people. No wearing uniforms. No riding in vehicles with sirens. No performance of heroic actions.

Hence, the 8/10 for the grade. We also seem to need to spend more time discussing public service careers and less time playing Angry Birds.

Big sigh.



2 thoughts on “Venn Diagrams

  1. I stand by the kid, because I think this is a protest of the entire geometry of a venn diagram. You’ve listed some great commonalities between these two professions, but the question is: could you scribble those things in that tony space between the two circles? Could you have done it legibly when you were 6? For this reason, I believe that the child has neglected the section entirely as a protest against the sometimes unreasonable demands that we place on children. Go kid. Fight the power.

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