One More Thing, #21

Yesterday I wrote about classic jewelry pieces that are wardrobe staples for me, but I left out one favorite:



This Elsa Peretti bone cuff from Tiffany was a Christmas gift from Ever Patient Spouse about twelve years ago.

I still love its modern feel and perfect fit to this day. It really is a piece that epitomizes my style.

P.S. My eyes went out of my head when I saw the current retail price, which has tripled since I got it. A decent return on the investment, for sure, but I’m going to hold onto it forever.


One thought on “One More Thing, #21

  1. Crazy for the cuffs. Have you seen the new vest trend? I love it when a surprise comes my way that is delicious enough to want as much as chocolate. Looks like the oversized sport jacket left as quickly as it came this time. On with the new…. {Trend To Try} Designers Are Baring Arms with Elongated Vests Trending on The Runways

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