It’s A Small World

Disney’s “It’s a Small World” attraction just turned 50 and there’s a fun, interactive anniversary website where you can build your own Small World character doll (with a donation to UNICEF for every creation) as well as hear the ride’s infamous earworm of a song.

Speaking of that tune, it just might be the most-played song in history, with an estimated 50 million plays. Get the math on that and an interesting backstory on the attraction, which first opened at the 1964 World’s Fair, here.

Never one to miss a merchandising opportunity, Disney also hit the animation vaults and resurrected some historic designs for anniversary-themed merchandise.

Dolls and stuffed animals are here.

These dinner sets, however, are way cuter and would make great gifts. They come with a plate, bowl and cup, all of which stack together to form one of the iconic characters.

its_a_small_world_french_meal_set__52110.1388763806.500.307 Its_A_Small_World_American_Meal_Set_Cowboy_Hintons__88553.1388762414.500.307 disney_small_world_mexican_girl_meal__01074.1388763494.500.307

There are also individual dinner plates:

isaw67108-2gaf isaw67107-2gaf-1

You can order them here and here.



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