36-ish Hours of Peace


This weekend, I’m off on a quick girls’ trip to celebrate my friend M-A’s upcoming nuptials.

When we planned the trip months ago, it didn’t occur to me that it would fall on Mother’s Day, and I caught some flak from my own mother about leaving my kids behind on this important day.

But guess what?

Secretly (ok, not so secretly), I am thrilled with the idea of 36-ish hours of peaceful meals (no spilled milk, no indignant shouting that Kid A or B wasn’t served what he/she “ordered,” etc), uninterrupted sleep, a spa day, going to a show, and eating brunch with grown-ups.

And guaranteed, the kids won’t notice the difference. Spouse will be keeping them in good hands, making pancakes on Sunday morning served with a side of cartoons, per the usual routine.

Best. Mother’s. Day. Ever.


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