Baby Names

Ask any OBGYN about baby names, and you’ll definitely get an earful.

We’ve heard some bad ones, trust me.

This is why when it comes to picking out names for our own offspring, it’s difficult to the point of near paralysis.

In a nutshell, you need to avoid anything too trendy, too weird, too pretentious, misspelled, unpronounceable, has bad karma or is just plain dumb.

Like these.

When I was pregnant with MGM (6), I was quite obsessed with this baby naming website. They also have a great blog and keep a running tab on the most popular baby names in the U.S.

When Trixie’s (FYI, this is not her real name) gestation rolled around, I became even more fanatical about Nymbler, a website that starts with a name that inspires you and then gives you related names as spin-offs. You can go way down the rabbit hole here, people. I did. Often.

Here’s a screen shot:


I used “Trixie” as an inspiration and it suggested “Dixie,” “Goldie” and “Buster” as related names. Umm, ok. Perhaps that was a bad example.

But trust me, this is a lot of fun! Great time waster.











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