2 thoughts on “Luxury Sunglasses

  1. you know if I got those I would sit on them the first week.

    Speaking of sunglasses, what kind do you wear when you run? I am not going to wear my fancy sunglasses, but I can’t find a cheap pair that doesn’t fall off.

    On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 7:26 AM, fancyladydoctor wrote:

    > fancyladydoctor posted: “Yowza. These got my attention: Dubbed the > “world’s most expensive sunglasses” these Chopard 24-karat gold and diamond > shades will set you back $408,000. I’d hate to leave those behind in the > rental car. “

    • I have an old pair of Nike glasses that I got on sale about 8 years ago that I sometimes wear, but mostly I can’t find them when I want them and resort to wearing Ray Ban aviators.

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