I’m pretty crazy about anything lavender – the plant, not the hue – and I was excited to learn that it’s quite a versatile crop.

While I’d always assumed that lavender needed to grow somewhere hot and dry (Provence, anyone?), there are so many varieties of lavender that it can actually be cultivated in many different climates.

Apparently I live in Gardening Zone 4, where the top crop really should be snow cones.



But at least two varieties of lavender will grow even here: “Munstead” and “Hidcote.” A bonus is that both of these are highly fragrant.

Here’s a great guide to growing different types of lavender.

It’s probably too late to rip up my yard this year and re-create these scenes, but I’m planning to hit the garden center this weekend for a little potted shrub of my own.

Unknown-2 Unknown-1


Not interested in growing your own but want to enjoy the fragrance? L’Occitane sells the best line of lavender products. The hand cream is really nice.

images-4 images





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