Thank You, MGM-Style

I’ve previously written about my propensity to send thank you notes, a habit I am desperately trying to instill in my children.

MGM turned 7 a few weeks ago, and this year he had to write his own thank yous.

This was no easy task.

At first there were idle threats, then actual threats that all of the birthday presents would be going away until the notes were done.

Spouse bore the painstaking brunt of sitting next to MGM and helping out, but the end result was better than I’d hoped.

Exhibit A, a note to his cousins for sending this game (a great gift for a kid!) and this book:

Unknown-2 Unknown-3

photo 1-5 photo 2-4

Thank you for the story cubes and the zombie fish book. Don’t look into his eyes!!!!!

Exhibit B, to one set of grandparents, who gave him a huge “Star Wars” Lego set and two smaller ones:

photo 2-5

Thank you for the X-wing and the two smaller sets. Love, MGM and My Dad

Exhibit C, to his aunt who gave him a soft rocket that shoots skyward:

photo 3-2photo 4-2


Thank you for the rocket. If you push the red button and look at the launcher, it is gone.

Exhibit D, to another aunt (and family) for a huge “Star Wars” action figure and a pair of high-powered water guns:

photo 3-3 photo 4-4

Thank you for the clone trooper and the water guns. I get to soak a lot of stuff.

Exhibit E, to his good friend for giving him a Lego alarm clock:

photo 1-6

Thank you for the Lego alarm clock. I need one.

 Nicely done, MGM!

One thought on “Thank You, MGM-Style

  1. This is completely impressive! An ex coworker of mine once used office printer at work to make her 8 year old’s thank you notes. She typed up thank you for the ____. And the kid just had to fill in the blank. Sad. MGM is a thank you card writing rock star in my book and you and spouse are totally parents of the year! We have a bday coming up in our house so I will try to emulate . . .

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