Pastel + Silver

Right now I’m really digging the idea of pairing silver with pastels. 

I got this idea from this month’s Allure magazine, which printed a short article called “How to Look Good in…”

One of the dot-dot-dot choices was pastels, and their tips for not looking like an Easter egg included:

  • Avoid wearing too many pastels at once. One hue is enough. Pair it with white or beige.
  • Keep them simple. Avoid pastels that are frilly, ruffly, or otherwise too, too girly.
  • Add shine. Silver + pastel = pretty.

Here are my picks for silver accessories:

A3238_GY6589Unknown-1 A7378_GY6589 A4925_GY6589

1. J. Crew belt

2. Clare V. clutch

3. J. Crew sandals

4. J. Crew sandals (again)


Here’s an Allure slideshow of top pastel fashions.


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