Workout Recovery

Last Thursday  night after work, I was feeling pretty strong and decided to run my own half-marathon.

Good news: I came in first place!

Bad news: I also came in last place!

And on Friday morning, I was plenty sore.

I should rely on these strategies more often, but here’s what I’ve found helpful for muscle recovery. foam roller

  • Foam rolling. Oh, it hurts so good. This exquisite torture is worth the myofascial release on the other side, but it really, really kills! One of my friends told me she had to drink two beers every night before getting on the roller. This compact foam roller targets trigger points and gets the job done.


  • Legs up the wall. I always forget to do this! But it’s great for recovery. Hold as long as you can, ideally several minutes. This is a legit yoga pose; learn the fine points here. 


  • Aveda active composition. This blend of wintergreen and menthol smells like a Wint-O-Green Life Saver and is a much classier version of Ben Gay.


  • The Stick. I first saw – and purchased – one of these at the Expo for my first marathon, waaaay back in 2006. It’s a rolling massager for the legs, and it is really helpful to work out lower extremity knots. If only I could find mine! Argh.


  • Elemis Musclease Active oil mixed with Instant Refreshing Gel. A recipe for heaven. Get them here.


  • Natural Patches of Vermont Arnica Patches. These were a recent discovery, but they seem to be helpful. They apply like a Band-Aid and can be worn for up to 24 hours. They also have several different essential oil blends for other concerns, like headaches and stress.

I hope these ideas are helpful! Drinking lots of water is also a key to recovery.  

2 thoughts on “Workout Recovery

  1. Chocolate milk is great too. Drink right after workout. It was key for Saturdays workout if we had to long on Sunday too. This makes me think I should start thinking about training for something. Something other than a bagel eating contest. Miss you guys!

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