Over the years (ok, decades), I’ve fallen in and out of love with Aveda.

I’ll use a product for a while, move on to something else, drift back, and repeat.

My brand loyalty is fickle, particularly since I’m like a magpie who’s always moving on to the newer, shinier (smellier) thing.

One constant, though, is that I’ve always loved the complex scent of Shampure, one of Aveda’s signature products.


I’d be hard pressed to describe the scent of Shampure, other than it’s really nice and it’s oh-so-Aveda-y.

Aveda officially calls it a blend of 25 botanicals and lists rosemary and lavender as key ingredients.

It previously came as a shampoo and conditioner, then a candle was introduced to the line.

Most recently a body/hand wash, lotion and now a body oil are being launched.

I saw the oil – called “Shampure composition” – in a magazine this month, but it’s so new that I can’t even find it yet on the Aveda website. I’m excited to try it. For now, though, I may have to get a candle to tide me over.


2 thoughts on “Shampure

  1. I’m an Aveda girl. Have been for years. Shampure is my fave-takes me to a happy place. I’m going to watch for the body oil. I have the beauty composition but would love the Shampure one. Great share!

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