Sayonara, Shampoo!

Have you heard about the trend of not washing your hair with shampoo?

There have been advocates for using only conditioner on your hair, called co-washing (for “conditioner washing”) for a while, and recently I saw something on another blog I follow about how the author never uses shampoo but still has (ostensibly) clean hair with great body.

That started me thinking about Trixie (5), who showers or bathes daily but doesn’t always optimally cleanse 100% of all surfaces. (My theory: the cleanliness will average out over time).

In particular, her shampooing technique is quite cursory.

Her hair is thick and has a lot of natural body. Overall, it looks pretty darn good most of the time with zero effort put forth. And very little shampoo use.

Would this work for me? Probably not. For one thing, I sweat a lot and with marathon training, I can’t see a way around shampooing.

I also asked my hair stylist about this, and she gave me a mixed answer:

  1. For her own hair, she shampoos it about three times a week. She exercises every day and blow dries her sweaty hair, then re-styles.
  2. When she has client who eschews shampoo, their hair can be moderately stinky. She described it like hair or clothing that’s absorbed lots of smells. Like smoke. Or fried food. Ick.

I think I’ll stick to sudsing up.







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