Dragon Fruit

Two years ago I went to Singapore for a work trip, and a daily treat was the breakfast served at the hotel.

The A.M. spread was incredible and represented so many different traditions from a full English breakfast (Baked beans? No thanks) to dishes common in many Asian countries like miso soup, dal, dim sum and pickles.

Full disclosure: donuts were also represented. U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

But the major prize in my mind was the bountiful supply of dragon fruit.


Dragon fruit – also known as pitaya – has a spiny fuchsia skin and is similar in texture to a kiwi. The flesh is mildly sweet. It’s delicious. I probably ate three every day of my trip. I simply could not get enough.

I was thrilled when I saw perfectly ripe dragon fruit at my local supermarket, that is, until I saw the price.

photo-17 copy

That’s $9.99 each. Gulp.



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