Honestly, I am not that big on wearing flats. 

I like to be tall.

Like, really tall.

I’m 5’9″ with bare feet and my preferred heel height adds another 3 or 4 inches. On a good day, Spouse and I are seeing eye to eye, and he’s 6’3″.

So, yeah, I don’t wear flats all that much.

Except… this morning I ran 19 miles and pre-run I already had one toenail that was threatening to fall off.

Post-run inspection of my purple nail confirms that it’s definitely on its way out. Pitching my foot forward into a pointy toe box suddenly doesn’t seem all that appealing.

I’m trying to decide if I want to bite the bullet and buy a pair of Tieks, the pricey ballet flats that are seemingly cropping up everywhere I turn.

Their distinctive Tiffany blue sole is pretty darn cute:


Tieks come in about 50 different colors or patterns and range in price from $175 to $295.


I like the snake print ones, which unfortunately are at the upper price point. Sigh. 

images-3 images-2

What color would you get?



7 thoughts on “Tieks

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  2. I’ve heard about these! Agree, super cute. But at 5’4″, I need heels. I’ve learned that shoes are a worthy investment. I’ve got a closet full of Cole Haans and they are worth every penny.

  3. BUY them!!! I’m 5’11” with hard-to-fit feet, and my 7 *cough* yes, 7 pairs of Tieks are worth every cent. CUSHIONY underneath, and they mold to your feet. For the matte ones, I buy my normal size (12), and for the patents and snakes, I size up to size 13. Every time I slip my onto my feet, I literally go, “Mmmmmmmmm….”

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