Running Like A Girl



I just finished this inspirational book about running, which details the author’s journey from sofa to marathon.

Sample quote:

Running ceased to be about what others might see when they looked at me. It became about what I saw when I ran. I started to find the change in the seasons more interesting than the changes in my body. This weight was the heaviest I could have shed. I was no longer running to prove that I could finish a marathon, or to impress my dad, or to sound good on dates. I was using these runs to give me clarity and focus, to remind myself of what I was capable of, and to spur me on in all areas of my life. I felt unstoppable.

My favorite part was when the author described running the 2012 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I ran it, too! Reading her description of the course and the foggy weather brought back great memories, especially of getting a Tiffany necklace as a finisher’s medal.



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