Desk Emergency Kit

Once upon a time, I used to joke that I wouldn’t buy anything that required dry cleaning or ironing.

While the ironing rule still stands (my iron was a $15 cheapie 20 years ago and still has burned carpet bits on it from a floor ironing mishap in my college dorm room), I had to get over the dry cleaning thing when I started working a place that required me to wear suits every day. 

My dress code at work is Business.

Not Business Casual.

Never Casual.

And never, ever is it Dress Down Friday.

But you know what? I like to wear suits. It makes you feel formal and grown up.

And since I talk a lot about Grown Up Things and do Grown Up Things at work, it’s fitting to wear a suit.

But when wardrobe malfunctions occur, it’s best to be prepared.

Here’s what to do:

  • Scuffed shoes: Stash a pre-soaked shoe buffing sponge in your desk. Once in a while these come as an amenity at a nice hotel, and I shamelessly hoard them when they do. You can also give shoes a quick once over with a microfiber dusting cloth. (Also: don’t wear beat up shoes in the first place! This is one major thing that separates fashion pros from rookies. Get them polished at the airport if you’re early for a flight).
  • Nicked heels: Disguise the bruised area with a Sharpie of the same color until you can get them repaired. Get them repaired!
  • Loose hem: Ok, here I will confess that I have temporarily used a stapler to keep the hem from dragging. 
  • Freezing temps: Keep a gray, black or navy cardigan in your desk as an emergency layering piece.
  • Pinchy shoes: This is a major one for me. I have at least three back up pairs of black shoes piled under my desk for those times that 4″ heels can’t last for a 12 hour day.
  • Emergency kit: I’d recommend Band Aids for shoe blisters, extra nylons for inevitable runs, fresh socks (so important for me when things in the OR get messy), stain remover (Tide To Go) and a lint roller.

I speak from experience.



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