Ahhhn, Wis-cahn-sin!

While I currently live in Minnesota, I grew up across the border in Wisconsin.

The Great, Great State of Wisconsin.

To the un-initiated, Wisconsin and Minnesota may seem generically interchangeable, when in fact they are very, very different.

Wisconsin is fun. 

Wisconsin likes to party.

Wisconsin is that crazy guy from freshman year of college who got kicked out of the dorm by November.

Minnesota is that guy’s boring roommate who plays Dungeons and Dragons in the common area and spends Saturday night at the library.

These stereotypes about Wisconsin are mostly true and made me laugh out loud (especially #3).

I used to think it wasn’t that prominent, but when I moved to Colorado for residency in 2001, I was summarily informed that, in fact, I sport a pretty distinct Wis-caaaahn-sin accent.  

This is part of the reason why this tournament to determine America’s Ugliest Accent cracked me up.

Note that Milwaukee is not represented.

But Minneapolis is.


P.S. How to Speak ‘Scansin.




One thought on “Ahhhn, Wis-cahn-sin!

  1. Such a fun read for this girl, born and raised and forever living in Wis-caaaahn-sin. Besides wearing camo as formal wear, I can relate to all of those. If the shoe fits…

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