NPR Nerd

Another one of my many problems: I am a total NPR Nerd.

Deep down, I’ve known this for quite a while, but when I realized that earlier this week I was raptly tuned in to the fall pledge drive for my local station, it cemented the deal.

My NPR Nerd Journey began in college, when I would toggle between two different stations as I frequently drove the two-and-a-half hour distance between my hometown and college. I could only tolerate the same four mix tapes in the cassette player of my ’89 Chevy Cavalier for so long before I turned to the radio for a change of pace.

Back then my favorite shows were “Whad’ya Know” and – embarrassingly enough – a local show titled “Calling All Pets.” The woman who hosted that show was a professor of mine in college and would bring her border collie to class. She really loved dogs. Let’s leave it at that.

When “This American Life” came to my local station in 1996, that took the top spot and has remained there ever since.

Some of my fondest memories of NPR were when MGM was born in 2007. I found myself with a lot of time at home with the radio on for company. I’d rock him and listen to my favorite shows for hours.

NPR followed me from Wisconsin Public Radio to Colorado Public Radio to Texas Public Radio and now Minnesota Public Radio, and I’ve variously been a member of each, depending on locale and decade. My contribution every month is quite modest when I consider how much public radio has given me.

Do you listen?

Do you donate?

Do you want to talk for hours at a cocktail party about that one amazing “This American Life” about that crazy guy who went on that utterly wild goose chase full of sheer coincidences and dangers, but Everything Turned Out OK in the End?

I do.

And this is my favorite thing I’ve seen recently: An Ira Glass Halloween costume from the great blog “Oh Happy Day.”




3 thoughts on “NPR Nerd

  1. Total NPR nerd. That and Colbert Report are really my only news sources. Kate likes click and clack from car talk! On a recent This American Life there was a woman who ate chicken every day of her life and did not realize until she moved to a college dorm that not everyone lived this way.

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