Random Car Conversation

Last night I had to pick up Trixie (5) from swimming.

Random conversation from the ride home:

Trixie: “Why are you even a doctor?”

Me (anticipating soulful response): “Well, I like to help people. And doctors get to help people. I think that’s a great job.”

Trixie: “I think being a doctor is a terrible job. Doctors have to be away from their families a lot of the time.”

Me: “That’s true. Doctors usually have to work pretty hard. And sometimes they have to help people when they want to be at home with their families.”

Trixie: “Well, I think it’s bad because you have to bring your own lunch to work every day. I thought you’d turn out to be something else.”

Me: “Hmm, that’s interesting, especially since I’ve been a doctor for over 13 years and you are only five. What did you think I should be?”

Trixie: “I’m not telling you to change your job or anything [Editorial note: this is a direct quote!], but I don’t want to be a doctor. I’m going to be a ballet teacher.”

Me: “That’s cool. It’s important to do what you want.”

Trixie (musing): “I wonder if there’s an opening for an acrobat….”


[End scene].

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