Big Sigh

A few weeks ago, I received a brochure in the mail for a conference being held today.

When it arrived I thought, hmm, this looks interesting.

The conference title vaguely rang a bell. A distant, distant bell.

The brochure sat on our counter for quite some time, but eventually I opened it up to see what was on the agenda.

That’s when I discovered that I was one of the featured speakers.

So, yes, the title rang a bell because I’d agreed to be a keynote speaker months ago, then promptly forgot.

I spent much of the past week getting my 75 minute presentation organized.

Two thoughts:

  1. At least I figured out that I needed to give a speech prior to the event, not after.
  2. When am I going to stop being like this?

The Magic 8 Ball would probably say “Never.”


[Big sigh for my life].



3 thoughts on “Big Sigh

  1. Kind of the opposite: Pregnancy and fertility for cancer survivors! Glad to give up my Saturday for an important cause. And they gave me a goody bag with a free hat, some shampoo, a candle and a gift card to Caribou Coffee for being a speaker. Woot.

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