Hawaii Recap: Fighting Eel

Fighting Eel is a Hawaiian clothing brand made up of easy pieces that look great with everything from flip flops to heels.

I went nuts at their Waikiki Beach boutique, so much that I had to go back three times to take it all in.

Fighting Eel’s stores are stocked with their namesake items as well as other cool clothing and accessory brands. Much of their jewelry is made in Hawaii.

I bought two tees, one with a palm tree that says “Aloha” (couldn’t find a picture online) and this one:



The cotton is soft and perfect.

The third trip yielded this LAmade striped jacket (also available at Nordstrom):



They had some great canvas pouches with beach prints: tumblr_inline_ml2j7q5cIq1qz4rgp

The jewelry was spectacular! I bought two beaded necklaces and one delicate one with my initial.

I can’t believe I missed this one on my first visit, but my friend P. spotted it and sent me back to check it out:






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